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The International Association of Lyceum Clubs (IALC)

The International Association of Lyceum Clubs brings together the National Federations/Associations of Lyceum Clubs. It is a apolitical and areligious women’s association. It is currently present in 17 countries in both hemispheres. Its legal headquarters are in Switzerland, at the Lyceum Club International in Zurich.

The International Association of Lyceum Clubs ensures that the objectives of the Lyceum Club, the National Federations/Associations and their affiliated clubs are respected, encourages exchanges and promotes the spirit of international friendship and mutual understanding between Lyceum Clubs throughout the world. It supports and coordinates the work of the National Federations/Associations and encourages the sponsorship of young artists. It contributes to the creation of Lyceum Clubs in new countries and to twinning between Lyceum Clubs in different countries. It organises annual International Cultural Days and a triennial International Congress bringing together Lyceum Clubs from all countries.

The Lyceum Clubs

The first Lyceum Club was founded in London in 1903 by Constance Smedley, who, like the London men’s clubs, wanted to open the doors of a club to working women, to promote the status of women in the arts and writing, and to help each other by collecting and sharing knowledge.

Today, Lyceum Clubs are open to all women who are interested in the arts, literature, music, science and social issues and who, through their personal commitment and the various activities of their Club, encourage the ongoing promotion of knowledge and the fostering of cultural exchanges throughout the world.


The International Association of Lyceum Clubs enables and offers through its National Federations/Associations and their affiliated Lyceum Clubs opportunities for lifelong learning through :

  • A varied programme of lectures by experts in their fields, concerts, cultural visits, etc.
  • Participation in special interest groups

Supporting and promoting cultural projects run by National Federations/Associations.
It develops friendship and support through shared interests. It promotes understanding and respect throughout the world by listening to and learning from each other.

The International Central Office,
It is made up of :

Muriel Hannart


Monique Gächter

Northern Hemisphere

Marilyn Mackinder

Southern Hemisphere

Marianne Amodio-Mettraux


Annie Formont


The Observers

Elisabeth Dragon

Editor of the International Newsletter

Ester Seifer


Véronique Courtemanche

International Webmaster
France .

Our history

The International Association of Lyceum Clubs was a young woman’s dream to create a network of female clubs around the world, united by the same ideal in the service of women.

Our network

National Federations/Associations bring together Lyceum Clubs in the same country. To date, we have 17 National Federations/Associations and 68 Lyceum Clubs throughout the southern and northern hemispheres!

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